Monday, August 15, 2005

What happened to you?

My youngest sister is considering whether to choose my alma mater when she completes her PSLE this year.

Just a few months ago, she had no doubts at all. My alma mater would be the first choice, because she would be with her friends, and more importantly, she could continue pursuing her interest in badminton under the same coach there.

But she is wondering if she needs to rethink her decision now. Helped in part by my incessant grumblings and complaints about the horrible behaviour of the students there now.

Some time back, I was with my cousin at a MacDonald's outlet near my place and I spotted a group of my juniors inside. Since when did the school allow students inside Mac? That was how strict the school was during my time.

Then, another group of students came by and one of the girls (Girl A) inside Mac spotted them and came out to meet Girl B. Instead of the normal act of a simple hi or conversation, Girl A started shouting Hokkien vulgarities and kicking Girl B on the butt.

We couldn't really detect any anger from Girl A; in fact she was smiling while she was performing those acts. It was so obvious that A and B were trying to gain the attraction of everyone around. So childish can! I feel ashamed to let people know I was from the same school, I told my cousin.

What has happened to the school? Everything just seemed to have gone downhill after I left.

The majority of the students I see nowadays have such loose fitting belts with hairbands around their necks instead of on their desired place - the head. Most students do not wear knee high socks now; most of them wear ankle-length socks now, not because the school demanded it, but because it is in vogue now.

And why oh why did the school relax the rules on hair?!! Both the primary and secondary schools have allowed students to keep long hair! Whatever happened to this long-standing tradition?! Although I longed to keep long hair when I was in school, I took pride that we were one of the few schools in Singapore where long tresses were not allowed. Why this now?!?!! At least they keep the distinctive blue pinafore + white belt combo. At least we are still distinguishable from the other girls' schools.

No wonder my sister is pondering over a once obvious and definite decision.

What has happened to you, PL?

From an annoyed ex-PL Lite


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ah. i feel the reluctance sometimes (due to such incidents mentioned) to own up about PL too. but seriously, those were the best 10 years of school i had.

perhaps it's inevitable that some things change with time.

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